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Chapter 3 - Twilight in the Faron Woods

The First (Second Actually) Spirit of Light

As a wolf now, go up to the lake at the mouth of the woods. The spirit's light has been stolen. She put's the locations of the 16 tears of light on your map. You must find the 16 tears of light so the light returns to Faron Woods and you are no longer a wolf. The tears are found in little shadow bugs. To get the tears you must find and kill the shadow bugs.

The First Few Tears of Light

The first tears are just down the path into the forest. Continue to Coro's front yard and on the far side of the house is another tear. Dash into the house wall to get the bug down. On the other side of the house is a ramp. Long jump off the ramp top to get in Coro's house.

Listen to spirit Coro. Kill the two bugs that appear. Climb up the boxes to get out of Coro's house. Go over to the gateway that leads to the Northern Faron Woods. Dig near the right side of the gate. Get the next two tears of light. Go through the cavern (mysteriously, if you didn't light the torches before, they are lit now).

Jumping For More Tears of Light

At the foggy area there are two bugs to the left on the wall. You should be able to z-target and attack them off the wall. On the stump, long jump 4 times. Continue up the ramp. Long jump 3 times. There's 3 bugs up ahead (and an imp poe later). Up ahead is 8 long jumps. Then long jump 4 times again. Then there's a timed long jump; jump when the ivy thing is the farthest right. Then do 7 long jumps.

Z-target, then dig for the 2 bugs underground. Continue to the Forest Temple. Up ahead are 3 shadow beast. Get them with a swift energy field attack. Continue past Trill's shop and up to the last tears. Get them to finish the vessel of light and have light return to Faron Woods.

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Chapter 2 - A Blue Eyed Beast


You can roam around the cell but there isn't much to do.  Midna (your new best friend) will unchain you but puts you to a challenge: you have to get yourself out of the cell. Walk over to the pile of broken boxes and do a spin attack. Dig at the spot that you have just uncovered.

Midna comes to a compromise with you: she gets you out, you are her servant - easy enough. Go into the next cell and look at the chain. Midna will help you pull it down, z-target and bite the chain. Head down the passageway to the sewers.

A Sewer Trip

Use your senses and listen to the spirit's pleads. Go down the sewer. Take the left path at the intersection. Keep left at the next intersection. Bite the chain at the end of the hallway. Turn around and swim across the spikes. Go left and listen to spirit. Keep going straight and bite chain at the end of the hall. Turn around and go straight. Midna will abandon you to the other side of the gate. Go to the left side of the grate and enter hole. Follow the path to Midna.

Go to the big corkscrew and follow the path to the left. You'll have to do a long jump with Midna a few times and you'll have to use a tightrope a couple times. At the top, climb up the rocks near the boxes and use Midna to long jump to the top. Go through the door.

The Top of The Castle

Go forward until you get to the spirit. Go left and push the block four times. Go up to the big octagon and go right. Go straight and take a left onto the wood platform. Do a couple long jumps with Midna and follow the top of the house to the tower Midna was talking about. Go into the tower.

Go up the stairs and into the room. There is a long cut scene about the twilight and the twilight "king", Zant. The cloaked woman reveals herself as Zelda, princess of Hyrule. After the cut scene, leave the room, watch out for the fire in the hearth (I found that it takes away a half a heart the hard way). Go down the stairs and out the tower. After you get out, Midna does bad impersonations of Ilia and Colin then warps you to Ordon Spring.

Getting a Sword and Shield

Back in Ordon... you're still a wolf though. Well, head to Ordon. Go across the bridge and listen to the two men about the shield. Turn around and go to the rock near Sandra's Sundries and use Midna to do two long jumps. Jump over the islands to the man who threw a hawk at you, scare him. Jump to the storage loft with a long jump. Go into the small opening. Fall down onto the table and long jump to the loft. Dash into the wall two times to get the shield.

Jump out the window to the left. Go to Rusl's house but you'll have to go up the higher ridge to avoid Rusl's wrath. Scare Uli and make a long 'u' around Rusl and go the right side of the house. Dig to get in the house and get the sword off the couch.

Back Into the Twilight

Go to Ordon Spring. You'll have to kill the shadow beast. This will be important to traveling later. The Sprit Ordona will thank you. She whould of lost her light and Ordon would have been covered in Twilight. Go to the twilight again. Midna will warn you: you may not be able to come back to Ordon (not true). Go into the twilight.

Wolf Controls

Basic Wolf Controls

*Moving and swimming is the same in wolf form and you are unable to use any items*

A button = dash/talk/push/get on

Left or Right on control pad = Sense

Down on control pad = Dig

Up on control pad = Talk to Midna

Z-target and A button = Long distance leap (with Midna)


Bite = Swing the wii remote lightly to do a bite attack

Jump attack = Z-target and press the A button to do a jump attack. If you successfully bite an enemy, press the A button continuously to keep biting.

Spin attack = Swing the nuncuck from side to side to do a spin attack.

Energy Field Attack (with Midna) = Hold down the B button and release to do a Energy Field Attack.

Special Features of Wolf Link

Use senses to: see scents, listen to spirits, and kill imp poes

Ability to warp (talk to Midna)

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Chapter 1 - Ordon Village


You will see a cutscene where Rusl, your mentor, is sitting with you by Ordon Spring. Rusl asks you to bring something to the royal family of Hyrule (I was never clear what exactly you were bringing). Rusl talks about Hyrule and Castle Town, places that you will see. You'll see a girl take Epona (your horse) down a path into the forest. A man, Fado, wakes you up and asks you to herd some goats for him. You agree.

When you finally gain control of Link outside your house, run down the forest path to the left to find your horse. Continue down the path until you get to Ordon Spring, where the girl who took your horse, Ilia, has your horse. Ilia asks you to play the grass that Epona likes. Near the spring gate, you'll see some grass that looks like horseshoes, this is horse grass, pick and play it. Epona should come to you. Get on your horse and ride it back to your house. At your house take a left to Ordon Village.

Goat Herding

Feel free to talk to the people around Ordon as you ride to Ordon Ranch. The lady shopkeeper will tell you about some troublesome monkeys and the swordsman, Rusl (remember him?) will tell you about his son, Colin, making you a fishing rod. Mayor Bo will tell you to finish up your chores. Continue to the Ranch at the south side of Ordon Village.

Ride your horse forward and accept to do Fado's herding. The goats won't listen to you unless you "whoop" them. Ride around, "whooping", until you have gotten them all in the barn. After you're done, Fado will tell you to take it easy and he'll set up the fences. To jump a fence, dash before running into it. Jump around and leave by jumping over the gate at the north end of the ranch.

The Ordon Children

You'll see the Ordon Children, Talo, Malo, and Beth, wake you up (where were you sleeping anyway? There is no bed or blanket in the whole house) Go outside and talk the kids. They'll say something about a slingshot (30 rupees at Sandra's Sundries, the shop in Ordon with a pink roof). Colin, Rusl's son, will tell you that he finished the fishing rod he working on but it's at his house. Go to Ordon.

Exploring Ordon

Talk to Rusl's wife, Uli, who is by the stream. She asks you if you've seen a cradle float downstream. You haven't. Climb up the vines on the islands to the right. Jump to the next island to the right and play the hawk grass. With the hawk in hand, turn around and fly the hawk to the bee hive. Jump to the shop roof and then 2 more times to the last island. Call the hawk and hit the monkey in the distance. The hawk should bring you the cradle Uli was looking for. Bring Uli the cradle and bring to her house. She'll give you the fishing rod.

New Items

With the fishing rod in hand, go over to the dock where the cat is staring into water. Catch 2 fish and follow the cat into the shop. The shop owner gives you half a bottle of milk (restores 3 hearts). You can reuse this bottle. Buy the slingshot while you're in the shop (30 rupees) and go back to your house. Talk with Rusl, he says he left something in your house. Talk to the kids and show off your slingshot. Before you go in your house, shoot down the spider on the ladder. In your house is the wooden sword :). Go show off the sword to the children. You'll see a monkey. Follow the kids into the forest path. Go past the spring and past the bridge into Faron Woods.

South Faron Woods

Walk forward down the path, there is some horse grass, pick and play it. Jump over the gate with your horse. Continue down the path past the Faron Spring and take a left. Talk to Coro, the lantern oil man, he'll give you the lantern (lantern oil is 20 rupees). Light the fire to be able to have Coro's soup (random effect). Turn around and take a left throught the cavern (watch out for the baba plant).

North Faron Woods

You'll need your lantern to go through to cavern. Light any huge spider webs in you way with the B butten. At the fork in the path go right for a yellow rupee (10). Turn around and take the right path at the fork. When you get to the big clearing go to the left target on you map. When you get there, light the torches to get a big chest. Open both chests to get a key (little chest) and a heart piece (big chest). Head to the southwest corner of the clearing and use the key to open the gate.

Continue to the target. There is a self serve potion shop on the right, you can steal potion without paying :). Continue to the target at the top of that giant tree slide. Kill the bad guys and attack the cage holding Talo and the monkey.  Talo apologizes and you go to Ordon Ranch.

Into the Twilight

Call Epona. Herd the goats for Fado a second time. Fado tells you to go to the Mayor. In front of the Mayor's house, Ilia gives you a mouthful for injuring Epona. Ilia takes Epona to the spirit's spring. Head to Ordon Spring. Let the kids borrow your sword so you can get through. In the small clearing in the forest path, look on the right wall for a hole. Crawl through the hole, take the left path.

Ilia apologizes for taking Epona. It's all good now. Oh no, monsters! One hits you and the others take Ilia and Colin. You get up and run to the huge, gaping, black wall. This is the Twilight. An invisible hand takes you into the Twilight. You have turned into a wolf!


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Q & A With Samstar

Q - I'm stuck here and I don't know what to do!

A - Check all areas of the area you're in. If you're in a temple/dungeon look for new ways to go and new ways to use the dungeon item. Depending on where you are in the game, you can ask Midna or talk to animals in wolf form. Also you can go to the fortune teller in Castle Town for 10 rupees.

Q - What does z-targeting do for me?

A - When you z-target an opponent your shield automatically defends you. Also it's much easier to hit an opponent while z-targeting. If you are shooting the bow, slingshot, or clawshot it is easier to hit your target while z-targeting.

Q - I can't take down this boss, what should I do?

A - Look for weak points in the boss and new ways to use the dungeon item. Every boss must be killed with the dungeon item in some form (excluding Zant and Ganondorf).

Q - How do I use Ooccoo effectively?

A - You can use Ooccoo in dungeons/temples to warp out to replenish hearts, potions, etc.. You will be warped back by Ooccoo Jr. to the beginning of the room you were in, not the exact spot in the room you were in.

**Can't find rupees? Running out of hearts? Have no idea what to do? I have gone through the game several times and if anyone has questions, post them in comments and every Thursday (Q & A day) I will do my best to answer them.**

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Basic Controls


Control Stick = walk/run/swim/jump/cycle through options

C Button = Switch to first-person perspective

Z Button = z-target (hold down)

Wii Remote

A Button = talk/check/open/pick up/throw/preform action displayed at the bottom of the screen/select an option

-- Button = toggle items screen/skip cut scene (press twice)

1 Button = look at map

Control Pad Up Button = converse with Midna

Control Pad Left, Right, and Down Button = assign item to B button (switch out assigned item)

B Button = use assigned item

+ Button = toggle collection screen

2 Button = toggle mini map on/off

Link's Actions

Nunchuck Control Stick = Use the control stick to move Link. To go faster tilt the control stick farther. If run over a cliff, Link will jump. If you press A while moving, Link will do a forward roll.

Nunchuck Z button = While near an enemy, press the Z button to z-target. Z-targeting allows you to lock on to the enemy and defend simultaneously. While using the bow, slingshot, or other similar items z-target to easily hit your foe. You can also talk with people from a distance using z-targeting, z-target and press the A button to speak with them.

Slice = Swing the Wii remote gently to preform a slice. Multiple slices in a row unleashes a combo attack (up to four times)

Spin Attack = Swing the nunchuck horizontally to preform a spin attack.

Jump Attack = Press the Z button on the nunchuck with the A button on the Wii remote to preform a jump attack.

Sidestep = Z-target while moving the control stick to either side while pressing the A button.

Back Flip = Z-target while moving the control stick down while pressing the A button.

Roll Slice = While rolling, slice to preform a stab after rolling.

Grass Whistling = If you are near horse weed or hawk weed press the A button twice to whistle the grass.

Horse Actions

Riding = Move your horse with the control stick

Gallop/Dash = Press the A button to gallop/dash. To jump over a fence or similar, gallop/dash right before nearing the fence.

Swinging Your Sword = You can swing your sword while on horseback.