Sunday, February 22, 2015

Chapter 2 - A Blue Eyed Beast


You can roam around the cell but there isn't much to do.  Midna (your new best friend) will unchain you but puts you to a challenge: you have to get yourself out of the cell. Walk over to the pile of broken boxes and do a spin attack. Dig at the spot that you have just uncovered.

Midna comes to a compromise with you: she gets you out, you are her servant - easy enough. Go into the next cell and look at the chain. Midna will help you pull it down, z-target and bite the chain. Head down the passageway to the sewers.

A Sewer Trip

Use your senses and listen to the spirit's pleads. Go down the sewer. Take the left path at the intersection. Keep left at the next intersection. Bite the chain at the end of the hallway. Turn around and swim across the spikes. Go left and listen to spirit. Keep going straight and bite chain at the end of the hall. Turn around and go straight. Midna will abandon you to the other side of the gate. Go to the left side of the grate and enter hole. Follow the path to Midna.

Go to the big corkscrew and follow the path to the left. You'll have to do a long jump with Midna a few times and you'll have to use a tightrope a couple times. At the top, climb up the rocks near the boxes and use Midna to long jump to the top. Go through the door.

The Top of The Castle

Go forward until you get to the spirit. Go left and push the block four times. Go up to the big octagon and go right. Go straight and take a left onto the wood platform. Do a couple long jumps with Midna and follow the top of the house to the tower Midna was talking about. Go into the tower.

Go up the stairs and into the room. There is a long cut scene about the twilight and the twilight "king", Zant. The cloaked woman reveals herself as Zelda, princess of Hyrule. After the cut scene, leave the room, watch out for the fire in the hearth (I found that it takes away a half a heart the hard way). Go down the stairs and out the tower. After you get out, Midna does bad impersonations of Ilia and Colin then warps you to Ordon Spring.

Getting a Sword and Shield

Back in Ordon... you're still a wolf though. Well, head to Ordon. Go across the bridge and listen to the two men about the shield. Turn around and go to the rock near Sandra's Sundries and use Midna to do two long jumps. Jump over the islands to the man who threw a hawk at you, scare him. Jump to the storage loft with a long jump. Go into the small opening. Fall down onto the table and long jump to the loft. Dash into the wall two times to get the shield.

Jump out the window to the left. Go to Rusl's house but you'll have to go up the higher ridge to avoid Rusl's wrath. Scare Uli and make a long 'u' around Rusl and go the right side of the house. Dig to get in the house and get the sword off the couch.

Back Into the Twilight

Go to Ordon Spring. You'll have to kill the shadow beast. This will be important to traveling later. The Sprit Ordona will thank you. She whould of lost her light and Ordon would have been covered in Twilight. Go to the twilight again. Midna will warn you: you may not be able to come back to Ordon (not true). Go into the twilight.

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